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The Changing Face of BYOD

David Wagner, Managing Editor | 2/18/2013 | 6 comments

David Wagner
Has it happened to you yet? Have users turned up at work with new devices and you've been scrambling to add Windows 8 phones or laptops to your BYOD policy?

We're curious, so the editors at our sister site Enterprise Efficiency asked about it in their latest poll.

It isn't only about curiosity, of course. There's a serious reason for this. With the fading of BlackBerry, it looked briefly like those supporting BYOD policies would need to worry about only two operating systems. That would have made a certain amount of rational behavior possible.

Whatever their strengths and weaknesses, Android and iOS are known quantities. You've likely created some specific enterprise apps for one or both. You've probably got a list of blacklisted apps. You know some of the workarounds and the problems they cause.

Now -- admit it -- as familiar as Windows is, you are probably dreading at some level integrating Windows 8 phones and tablets into your enterprise. Of course, January is probably the biggest month of the year for new devices in your mobile device management registry. So you may have seen them already.

In late November, Microsoft said it had sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses. By early January, that number had reached 60 million. As of Dec. 10, 4 million Windows 8 phones had been sold in the fourth quarter. And it's likely even more found their way under the tree by Christmas. Of course, a lot of those licenses and phones were sold directly to enterprises. But there's no doubt laptops, tablets, or phones are starting to trickle in from employees through BYOD.

The first question we have is whether you're seeing them. According to the poll, the largest percentage of you -- 46 percent -- have not yet seen Windows devices coming into your enterprise. However, a big chunk of you, at 33 percent, have.

So perhaps more importantly, we'd like to know what you plan to do about the prospect of Windows mobile devices. Are you thinking about Windows 8 mobile apps for your enterprise? Will you recommend Windows 8 devices in your enterprise? Are you concerned about dealing with three operating systems -- or more? (BlackBerry just released a new version of its operating system, and there are even rumors of a Linux phone.)

Comment below. We'd love to hear what you have to say.

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PositivelyKeith   The Changing Face of BYOD   2/23/2013 3:33:36 AM
Re: Windows 8 Success
Well, at one company I have some involvement with a few weeks ago they had two new W8 laptops delivered - and they are still in their boxes today!!

Because someone ordered them thinking it was the right thing to do before checking to see if any of the legacy systems the users need would work!

As some of these systems don't even work on W7 then there is a good chance they will not work on W8!!

I was happy with XP and was forced to W7 when my screen broke and the same IT dept replaced it with a new W7 - now I cannot access some of the stuff I used to use and have to delelgate more!!  It has its advantages!!
Trek   The Changing Face of BYOD   2/19/2013 10:09:18 PM
Re: Windows 8 Success
There will always people who are perfectly satisfied with their older devices.  If one can talk to other people and send email that's all they need.   However, as IT juggles which devices it will support, it may leave out older operating systems in favor of newer ones. 

Susan Fogarty   The Changing Face of BYOD   2/19/2013 6:57:16 PM
Re: Windows 8 Success
LOL, Toby, I don't know how anyone could overlook your love for BB; it is quite evident :). I was at a corporate function a couple weeks ago and I actually saw several (maybe 10) executives in my company carrying BlackBerrys and iPhones at once. I thought that was something that RIM exaggerated about, but apparently there are still dual-device people out there. Maybe they will upgrade to the touchscreen BB.
michaelsumastre   The Changing Face of BYOD   2/19/2013 10:04:04 AM
The Changing Face of BYOD
I installed Windows 8 on my girlfriend's laptop and her desktop, though these efforts are quite useless since they are not touch screen. Nevertheless, she says she loves the way things appear as "tiles" and she can install apps in a jiffy. In fact, her screen now looks crowded to me. As far as enterprises, I still have to see one. Most of the users I know are into iPhones and devices that don't use Windows. Well, I really hope I can so I can also receive some more authentic feedback about it. 
Toby   The Changing Face of BYOD   2/19/2013 6:34:23 AM
Re: Windows 8 Success
@Trek: Ahem, YES you do. I have a BB Torch (newish no..?) and MAY get a Q10 or whatever it is. I will caveat that and say I am trialling a Samsung Galaxy note shortly as it just looks so gosh darn impressive.
Trek   The Changing Face of BYOD   2/18/2013 6:39:47 PM
Windows 8 Success
Windows 7 was the company's  most succesful product in their 35 year history, selling 90 copies in 5 months.   It looks like Windows 8 is going to beat that having 60 million already. 

Personally, I have not seen nearly as much media attention for Blackberry compared to Windows Phones and Windows 8.  I believe Blackberry is going to have to work very hard to get heard through all their competitors noise. 

Personally, I don't of anyone who owns a newer Blackberry. Though I know a few still hanging on to much older versions.  Most I know have either upgraded with the lastest iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone. 


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