Dell recommends Windows 8.
Bring Your Own Device in K-12 Education: Manage your students content or their devices?

Date: Thursday, November 29, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET
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School districts across the country are facing restricted budgets, but the shift from print to digital isn't slowing down. If anything, it's been speeding up over the past few years. These two truths are driving "Bring Your Own Device" considerations for teachers and students and successful tablet adoption programs in some school districts across the US.

Hear how Dell sees a clear decision point being faced by many IT administrators across the K-12 landscape, and learn what we are doing to help answer whether you should manage your student's devices, or manage the content & applications.

Please join us for this in-depth discussion of how to make BYOD work in school districts and how the recently announced Dell Windows 8 Tablets can help you manage the change. You'll learn:
  • What's driving the BYOD trend and why resistance is futile
  • Key considerations critical to BYOD policies
  • An exploration of managing students devices
    • Windows 8 Tablets
    • Windows To Go
  • An exploration of managing students content and applications
    • Desktop virtualization
Register today to secure your place in this exploration of how to manage the impact BYOD has on your IT systems.

Casey Wilson, Public Enterprise Mobility Manager, Dell
Casey worked 3 years as the tablet, notebook, and desktop product manager for Dell's K12 segment and has spent the past 3 years managing Dell Solutions in the Public arena overall – these Solutions include Virtual Labs {Desktop Virtualization}, Dell Data Protection | Encryption {Endpoint Encryption}, and our Mobility Solutions {Tablets, Mobile Device Management, and embedded mobile broadband}. He's spent the past year managing Bring Your Own Device and Windows 8 programs for Dell's US Public verticals – Healthcare and Life Sciences, Government, Higher Education, and K12.

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